Helen 'El' Marshall is a full stack web developer with a passion for social justice, the arts, and the potential of technology to improve our lives. She currently works as a Developer 1 with Slope.io

El transitioned to coding to best use their love for logical thinking and creative problem solving to contribute to the world around them, gaining experience in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, and Redux, among other technologies. They bring their background in social work, psychology, and administration to the world of tech to identify creative and accessible solutions to address everyday needs and expand the horizons of possibility for all types of people.

Recent Work

The World Builder's Tome

A story-building tool that enables novel writers or rpg game masters to create and organize robust and complex fictional worlds.

Dish It Up

A recipe site for finding and storing your favorite recipes by name or ingredient.

Bite Size DnD

A single page web app that provides character sheets and play resources for ‘10 Minute Dungeon,’ a scaled down version of DND intended for short session play.

Match 'Em!

A simple memory game created for Chingu. The user clicks on cards two at a time, turning them over to reveal different symbols. The game is won if all 8 pairs are successfully matched within the 20 turn limit.

More to come!


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